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Hot and sour soup, sushi with Sarah, and something big... or John.

Hey kids! Where do you go when you want to find almost-Chinese food at a fraction of the cost of the real stuff? Happy Wok!

Meh. Happy Wok. Their food is... well, it's better than merely palatable, but it still tastes like something that came from a mall food-court. The one really good thing about Happy Wok is that they don't have a minimum order amount, so I don't feel bad about ordering only $2.89 worth of food. I'm sitting here with my hot and sour soup, and I'm noticing that it's not like any hot and sour soup I've had anywhere else. First of all, it has the wrong kind of mushrooms. Second, there's no tofu in it. Third, for some reason, it's full of shrimp. Finally, the broth tastes only vaguely like the hot and sour soup I'm familiar with. These aren't really complaints because the soup is fine -- I like it. It's just that having eaten hot and sour soup from several different restaurants, I've never tasted one like this. It's a little... weird.

Anyway, as I'm sitting here eating my (almost but not quite) hot and sour soup, it occurs to me that my sister's birthday is one week away. I should get her a birthday present. Maybe another harmonica or some promotional items I stole from work or Kill Bill volume I. Just kidding -- her boyfriend's probably getting her Kill Bill. One of the upcoming weekends will be her birthday dinner, and that means that she's going to try -- probably unsuccessfully -- to talk my parents into going out for sushi. Mmm. Sushi. That was the name of Zak McCracken's fish -- the one I fried in his desk lamp.

Back to my lunch, as I was coming in from the parking lot, I noticed that more than a year after the fact, people are still afraid to park next to the girl who plowed her fiance's truck into my car. Oh, look! I've finished my soup! Let's see what my fortune cookie says:
You are on the verge
of something big.
Lucky Numbers 5, 11, 12, 23, 24, 43
At this point you're probably feeling the uncontrollable urge to add the words "in bed" to that, but I would remind you that as a credit card dispute specialist, I've seen enough disputes over male-enhancement supplements advertised by e-mail that I am no longer interested in having something big in bed. Instead, I offer the alternative of "... or John."

One of my best friends in high school was named John, and it became customary to add his name to fortune cookie fortunes. Why, just going through some of the fortunes I have at my desk, we get the following:
Fortune truly helps those who are of good judgement... or John.
Serious trouble will bypass you... or John.
You are heading for a land of sunshine... or John.
Do not be afraid of computers. Be afraid of the lack of them... or John.
The current year will bring you much happiness... or John.
So I guess I'm on the verge of something big, or John. I dunno. John came over to roleplay earlier this week, and I know they're gaming again on Monday... I'm busy pretty much all weekend, so it's not like John and I are getting together... Am I being offered a choice? If so, can I see the something big before I decide?
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