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Do you eat beans? Would you like to see a new movie starring George Wendt?

Ten points to whomever remembers what that subject is from. Anyway, I just got back from my lunchbreak. I stopped at Half-Price Books (where I talked myself out of a purchasing bunch of Rudy Rucker novels) and to Cub Foods where I replenished my supply of Klarbrunn. This is beginning to get ridiculous -- some people budget their booze. I'm starting to budget my slightly flavored water.

Last night I started doing some serious design work on The Tale of Rhubarb Bunnywing, a game I've been half-assedly planning to begin work on for a good five years. It's pretty much your basic vegetables-start-demanding-voting-rights-so-dead-guy-gets-resurrected-to-stop-them story. When I was actively designing games (lousy though they were), I discovered that I work best when I'm following the Stephen King method: start with a premise, not a plot. If I actually force myself to sit down and do this, I'll eventually get it done. I have a very unfinished and somewhat embarassing start to the game backed up on a CD somewhere, about five different and conflicting plot synopses, some music, and a rather poorly animated loop of a walking skeleton wearing Groucho Marx glasses.

I'm trying to figure out what kind of game this is going to be. The original plan was to create an interface similar to Myst -- a first person, point-and-click sorta thing (except there would be characters to interact with). That's how the incomplete version I mentioned above it put together. I did a little research, however, and found some tools that would allow me to put together something similar in style to the old Sierra and LucasArts games, ala King's Quest, Monkey Island and uh, Leisure Suit Larry. Both styles have their pros and cons, and the game would be basically the same either way, but as far as I'm concerned it's a coin-flip situation. Actually, that's not true. One would be significantly more difficult to do than the other. I want to decide by committee so that if I take the easy way out I can tell myself that it's what The People wanted.

I know most of you could care less, but couldja please vote anyway? And then when the game is finished, could you at least humor me and tell me that you downloaded it, and it wouldn't work with your video card?
Poll #281779 The Great Rhubarb Bunnywing Poll, v1.0

What type of interface should this game employ?

Myst-style static first person view
Sierra/LucasArts-style 2D third-person
Eventually I'll be looking for voice actors, so keep those vocal chords nice and limber. I do a pretty good Boris Karloff so the part of Dr. Silliputti, the plastic surgeon is already taken.

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