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Forget DDR -- come to Rocky.

Meh. Last night I hung out with Ellen. Had a long depressing talk. Things are fine. Tonight I'm going to my parents' house for dinner.

Tomorrow night some of my coworkers have invited me to go out for dinner followed by Dance Dance Revolution at spidermoon77's house. Wah hoo. I'm going to go for dinner, but I'm hoping to skip out on DDR. Many of you are aware of my anti-DDR prejudice, but this time it has less to do with DDR and more to do with the people involved. Tomorrow night's outing (probably to Pedro's) is very much a compromise. My coworkers invite me to stuff like this all the time -- Pooley's on the 2nd, paintballing on the 17th... No offense, Phillip, you're a cool guy and I still suggest you show up at Rocky Horror sometime, but I just don't want to see most of my coworkers outside of work. I'm willing to go out tomorrow night, but it's only because I decline so many invitations for bowling, minigolf and birthday (read: drinking and gay-bashing) parties. Anyway, I'm looking for an excuse to get out of DDR. They already know I'm basically free tomorrow night, so I'm not asking for something to do -- that would be tacky. On the other hand, I'd appreciate it if one of you would call my cell phone around 6:45 or 7:00. You don't even have to talk, just let me have a one-sided conversation like this:
"Hello? Oh, hey, girly-girl. Wassup? Oh, geez. I remember him. Yeah. Yeah. What? You're kidding. Tell me you're kidding. Lie if you have to. Oh, dammit. Dammit. Sonofabitch. Is the body still intact? Okay. Good. Don't-- No! Don't move it. Where are you now? Uh huh. Uh huh. Okay. I can be there in about an hour and a half. I'll call in David from Delafield. You ever work with David the Dentist from Delafield? No? Well, he's good. Somewhat lacking in the social graces, but good at what he does nonetheless. Now he'll get there before I do so I just want you to show him where the body is and stand aside. No, he'll be free tonight. Trust me, he's available on short notice. You pay me to handle situations like this, remember? He'll be available. Listen, you just sit tight and wait for Dave. I'll see you in a bit."
Anyway, yeah. That's my plan for tomorrow night.

Saturday night, is, of course, Rocky Horror, and if you've been planning to come for awhile and haven't, this would be the weekend to do it. The shows have been getting cancelled a lot recently, and there's a fairly good chance that the future of Rocky in Madison rests on audience attendance this weekend. Orpheum theater. Five bucks. Midnight. Be there.
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