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My weekend and upcoming movies that worry me

Brief rundown of the weekend:
  • Friday: Mikey just got back from installing Windows in China. He and John came over, and we watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reruns on Spike TV. I drew a picture of a Starfleet insignia with testicles. It was funny in context.
  • Saturday: I hung out with ribsinbacon, and we went to the museums on the square. A little suggestion for anybody visiting those places: If there's a button you can press for a prerecorded multimedia presentation, ignore it.
  • Saturday night: Ellen and I got together, went to Rocky Horror and joined the cast for 2:30 AM dinner afterward. Interesting casting this weekend. Not bad, just... interesting. And it was nice to, you know, actually see people.
  • Today: Dinner at the parents' house in Stoughton. Saw relatives I hadn't seen in some time. It was all good.
Now I'm sitting in my room here watching Shaft's Big Score!, and it occurs to me that blaxploitation films appear to be making a comeback. Either that or there's a sudden glut of major studio films of this type coming out in the next few months. Pity, because How to Get the Man's Foot Outta Your Ass is supposed to get a major release soon. It looks good, but it'll be overshadowed by crap like Soul Plane, White Chicks and whatever else is coming out.

Also, did anybody ever see Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise? I'll probably never feel the need to own a copy, but it's a beautiful film, and possibly the most realistic (as opposed to formalistic) movie I've ever seen. (I think) it's absolutely brilliant and perfectly self-contained, so I'm kind of unnerved about the fact that the sequel, Before Sunset, is set to premier on June 25th. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy are in this movie too, and this time they have writing credits (which they probably should have for Before Sunrise, since all the dialog sounds improvised). Anyway, I'll probably see it, but if you've seen Before Sunrise you'll understand why I'm having trouble envisioning a sequel. For those who've never seen it, well, imagine a movie like Edward Scissorhands II: Now With More Scissors! or The Revenge of the Christ or maybe a sequel to The Alamo in which the best characters (even the ones who died in the first movie) return to form an elite fighting force to stop the resurrected corpse of Santa Ana from taking over the world. Actually, that's not such a bad idea, now that I think about it... They could make Jim Bowie into a ninja, and Davy Crocket could maybe have icy breath that freezes his enemies during hand to hand combat, and they get joined by a cybernetically enhanced Napoleon and their bomb expert is Anne Bonny and--

I worry about that every time Hollywood makes a sequel. I feel less optimistic than usual about Before Sunset because I can't figure out what direction they're going in. It's going to be either one of those sequels that's nearly identical to the first movie, or it's going to pull out all the stops and turn into a science fiction thriller.
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