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Bored, tired and "dickless."

Today will not be good.

Today will not be good at all.

Today will not be good at all because I slept really badly last night. Really really badly -- to the point where I didn't actually sleep. I remember looking over at my clock at 4:38 AM and wondering why I hadn't dozed off yet. At some point after that I must have passed out, but needless to say, I wasn't ready to get up when the alarm rang at 7:20. Or when it rang again at 7:30. Or at 7:40, but I forced myself out of bed that time.

It wasn't cool.

Also not cool is having come in to work to discover that the fax e-mail system isn't working, which gives me a whole lot of nothing to do this morning. I have about ten minutes worth of work at my desk until either faxes start coming in or the mail arrives. I have plenty of things to do after that point, but they all hinge on the package I receive in the mail daily.

Otherwise, nothing is particularly new. I got my hair cut yesterday afternoon, and while I was waiting, the guy sitting next to me freaked out about the wait time he was given, threw a couple of magazines and stormed out. He spent a few seconds trying to slam the door but his attempts were thwarted by a little pneumatic device. He gave up, kicked the door frame, and called me "dickless." The woman who cut my hair said that he'd been about 25 minutes into his half-hour wait.

Dinner with Dad last night was good, and my sister was working at the coffee shop so we stopped in to bother her. I called my mom afterward confirmed my presence at dinner on Sunday. My ultra-Baptist great aunt and uncle are coming, which surprises me because, well, we're not Christian, and with the drive they're making and time at which we expect them to arrive, they're definitely not going to be attending a church service on Sunday. I would think they'd be more inclined to spend Easter with their family, especially since they have a son who's a Baptist minister. Oh well. Whatever. I have other relatives that will be coming over too, and it'll be nice to see everybody.
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