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lololol omg! 1c3 kr33m k4k3 15 t3h sux0rz!11!!!1!1! and Other Pathetic Rants

What's up with weather? Yesterday was so nice, and now they're forcasting "possibly rain mixed with snow" for Monday. Granted it's a little early to be predicting Monday's forecast accurately, but if I find out that one of you is responsible... We're gonna have words. I can't believe how comfortable I've become with typing "gonna." From this point forward, I'm going to try to use it less often.

So I know you don't care, but Visa RED is going okay. So far. For those of us on the merchant side of things. Everybody who's working with cardholders is pulling their hair out because the changes affect everything they do. "The company" bought us lunch from Uno's yesterday to help us "ease into things," which was nice. I've put quotes around "the company" because some of us have sneaking suspicions that our boss paid for it herself and doesn't want us to worry about it. Obviously she makes more money than I do (since she's my boss and all), but I lunch for 14 from Uno's isn't cheap, especially when you're ordering separate meals for everybody. Several of us, myself included, chose one of the lunch specials to keep the price down. Besides, Wednesday's deep dish special is chicken fajita, which I would've chosen anyway.

After the pizza I didn't really eat anything for the rest of the day. I didn't feel like it.

Today's special treat is an ice cream cake. I have no idea what pizza and ice cream cake have to do with Visa RED, but I'm not complaining. As a side note, I'm not particularly fond of ice cream cake, and I won't be having any of the one we get today. For some reason, whenever my birthday is being celebrated outside of my family, somebody feels the need to buy an ice cream cake. I can't really point out that I'd rather not eat it without hurting somebody's feelings. It's a pretty insignificant cross to bear, but for fifteen minutes of effort and less than half the price you could whip together a fantastically good carrot cake. In fact, skip it. Call me ahead of time, and I'll make the fantastically good carrot cake.

Last night Ellen and I got together and... did nothing. Which was cool. It's nice just to hang out without a specific purpose in mind. Tonight is probably dinner with Dad -- I need to get ahold of him. I s'pose I'll send that e-mail as soon as I've posted this.

The other night when I posted the links to the Arfenhouse movies (which I'm sure you either didn't watch or didn't watch all the way through -- and I can't blame you), I found my CD of the Arfenhouse RPGs and played through some of them. I'm really starting to miss writing games. I put together a very preliminary version of Jerry The Banana's Curvy Slide Into Hell last Friday before seeing Hellboy, but if I animate the walls the way I wanted to, Jerry is going to flicker like crazy. I'm going to have to completely rewrite the animation engine, which pretty much means rewriting the entire program (which was maybe 45 minutes of work in the first place -- no big loss). I guess I could just do it in text mode (since I was going to do a text mode version anyway so I can play it at work, but I like Jim's idea of Jerry being a banana which I would rather do in ultrarealistic 320x200x256 VGA. Wowee zowee. Also, I'm kind of thinking about Captain Spleen 3(D)... How do I bring Mr. Pointy back? I know he drowned in his own mucus in the first game (I'm not doing any more mucus jokes, by the way), but I really liked him as a villain. Mr. Pointy as a zombie would be funny, but what if I use him again in the future? I'd do it once, but I like the idea of Mr. Pointy the giant nose better than I like the idea of Mr. Pointy the giant zombie nose. If he's not a zombie, how does he come back from the dead? I guess I could just keep killing him and bringing him back like Dennis Hopper Koopa in Super Mario Bros., but isn't that already what I'm doing with Kent? Is anybody who actually cares (hi Jim!) even still reading?
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