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Hellboy and that link I promised.

This afternoon I ended up taking a couple of hours of personal time and leaving work early. juniperlore invited me to join her with aethicite, emjay42 and exairian to see Hellboy. Wow, there's something wrong with the fact that I hang out with more people who have livejournals than those who don't. On the other hand, at least I know you all from meatspace. Well, most of you, anyway.

Dinner started out being Thai, and ended up being Friday's on the East Side. Somewhere along the way, communication simultaneously happened and failed to happen, and Sean and Nate ended up going too. I could have hitched a ride with them. Oh, and at Friday's we saw a girl my housemates had graduated with, and I was considering hitting on her in front of her boyfriend and parents. Nate was with me. What were they gonna do? Once we got to the theater, we were joined (fairly spontaneously, I think) by my friend John, his girlfriend Anna (who just got back from Spring Break in Florida), my sister (who just got back from Florida with Anna), her boyfriend Eric (who recorded the Quazarin CD), their friend Sausage (possibly his real name), and I ran into my friends Craig (who used to do lights for Decadence) and Alice. It was really weird; sort of a reunion between myself and most of the people I've been neglecting to hang out with recently.

The movie was good. Maybe I oughta read Hellboy for a point of reference, but it's slick and it's entertaining. That's all I ask from mainstream Hollywood, and the absence of Jason Biggs and Tara Reid is pure gravy. Guillermo del Toro's next movie film -- if negotiations with Arkham House pan out -- is a book-accurate adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's At The Mountains of Madness. I'd love to see it (and I think he could do a nice job with it), but when I picture At The Mountains of Madness as a movie, I picture something as slow and inaccessible as 2001: A Space Odyssey, only set in Antarctica and with more few giant penguins.

Anyway, my housemates decided to leave right away, which means that emjay42 left food in Nate's car. Matt, if you really want the rest of that bacon cheeseburger, it's probably in our fridge.

Anyway, during dinner I promised I'd post this link to the Brunching Shuttlecocks Porn Star or My Little Pony? quiz. I took that quiz some time ago and did horrendously badly on it. Check out the rest of the site, too -- it's pretty entertaining.

Also, as a completely unrelated side note, Trend Micro Housecall is a free online virus scanner, which has often managed to catch things that seem to slip by Norton Antivirus and McAffee. Common sense tells me I should probably shell out the money for a registered copy.

It's late. I'ma go to bed.
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