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Lotsa links.

Nothing terribly special to report this morning, so I think I'll just share with you some links you might enjoy: -- It's April Fool's Day, and this is You do the math. Check it out today, because it probably won't be there tomorrow.

Rerelease of Monty Python's Life of Brian -- Sick of all the hype about The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre? So, apparently is John Goldstone (yes, that John Goldstone).

LOTR (slightly abridged) -- Here's a (slightly) condensed version of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, done entirely in CGI. Sorta.

LOTR (slightly adapted) -- Ever wonder what the Lord of the Rings trilogy would be like if it had been written by William Gibson? How about Jane Austen, H.P. Lovecraft or Douglas Adams?

Live Oldfield -- Interested in Mike Oldfield bootlegs? No? Then these MP3s of his 12.07.99 concert in Paris aren't for you. Especially the glorious version of Let There Be Light.

Strictly Commercial -- You're probably also not interested in this commercial Frank Zappa did for Portland General Electric, but if you can spare the time to download a 4.26 meg MPEG file, I implore you to do so. It's great.

Reasons to get a copyright your crap -- Few of you (meaning only evil_jim, who sent me this link) will remember a DOS game I was working on some time ago called Jerry The Banana's Curvy Slide Into Hell. Well, somebody stole the idea (or most of it, anyway -- Jerry's not a banana anymore). Should I pursue legal action? Depends on whether or not I can get away with taking credit for Atari's Night Driver. -- A couple of years ago They Might Be Giants did me a great service by releasing a children's album called No!, thus eliminating the agony of selecting an appropriate birthday present for my cousin Caleigh. Last December, they released a book called Bed Bed Bed, which I finally broke down and purchased. The book, illustrated by Marcel Dzama in an Edward Lear-meets-Kate Greenway style rocks, as does the 4-song CD that comes with it. Check out the official website of TMBG's children's efforts, which are virtually the same as their adult efforts, minus the songs about death.
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