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Pour hot soup in Homestar's eyes, eh, Steven?

I had some free time today at work, so I spent some time reading your livejournals. I imagine that most of the people on my friends list have not been checking out evil_jim's journal, but the most recent entry, in which he talks about being the proud owner of several thousand pads of Post-It!™ notes is worth checking out.

Jim asked for suggestions as to what to do with them all, and I immediately made the uh, logical connection between his request and the song They Might Be Giants composed for Strong Bad's 99th e-mail. That's right, the music is by TMBG. Didn't know that, did you?

Anyway, I spent too much time rewriting the lyrics in response to Jim and putting together an arrangement of the song while I was at work, and then recording quick and dirty vocals as soon as I got home. Why are my vocals always quick and dirty? Because I sing only passably, and a splice of the best parts of the first three recordings always sounds just as good as a splice of the best parts of the first sixty recordings. I'm prouder of this MP3 than I'd like to admit, and I invite you all to download it. To fully understand it, however, you'll first need to watch sbE-mail 99, then read about the Post-Its!™, and then, finally, you can download the song.

Of course, if you've never been to these sites before, you might need to look around a bit to understand what's going on. Just to be safe, watch everything on, then go out and rent Clash of the Titans so you can get the joke and the end of e-mail 99. After you've done that, read everything on Jim's livejournal so you understand the thing about the anti-draft mouse and the little blue pig from the career fair.

On a different and somewhat unrelated note, I once bought Tick a copy of The Personal Computer Book by Peter A. McWilliams for his birthday, and wrapped it in Post-It!™ notes. It was actually a nice wrapping job -- I used the yellow ones as a base, and then cut out dots and streamers from the adhesive parts of the pink, violet and green ones. I also printed out a picture of Richard Nixon, and made a slit in the mouth so you could pull out his tongue which said "Happy Birthday, Tick!" It really looked good but he wasn't that impressed.

So um, if y'all are wondering why I usually stick to that skull-and-crossbones wrapping paper from Hot Topic instead of doing homemade Nixonwrap, it's Tick's fault.
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