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El aburrimiento me ha hecho hablar español.

Today's special coffee is Blueberry Crumble, which is difficult to drink when it's hot, and very, very nasty when it's cold.

Very nasty indeed.

This has been a really slow day at work, which is why I'm writing about the coffee. Tomorrow will be anything but slow. As I write this, I can see most of the work I'll get tomorrow. The stack is thicker than usual, and can only get bigger between now and then. I'd love to be able to get a head start on it, but first the stack needs to go down to the Account Processing department to be, well, processed. This won't happen until tomorrow morning. Today my head is spinning from boredom. Tomorrow it'll be spinning from overburden.

Anyway, given the people who read my journal, I find it very difficult to believe that nobody remembers Oliver Stone's cyberpunk miniseries Wild Palms. I chalk up the lack of Wild Palms comments in response to my last post to the fact that my livejournal gets long and boring, and you're probably only skimming the entries, if you're reading them at all. This probably means that my next public query -- should I learn to program Python? -- will also go unanswered. That's fine. But hey, should I learn to program Python? If anybody who reads my journal has any Python experience (I doubt it, but I'm asking), please speak up.

Trying to decide what to do tonight. I had to cancel last week with Tom since I was sick (incidentally, a full six hours' sleep on Thursday night banished the last remnants of whatever I had). I called him yesterday and left a message listing tonight as one of the two this evenings week that I have free. As of about 2:00, he hasn't called me back, but I'll have to check my voicemail before I go home -- I might end up driving to Janesville if he's available. If he doesn't call me back, I'll probably stop at Company of Thieves to harrass my sister and then... Who knows. I may start reading one of the three or four books I'm borrowing from people. Jim, would you like your copy of Really, Really, Really, Really Weird Stories back? Forgot I had it, didn't you? I'll um, try to get it back to you sooner than later. Honest.
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