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Dawn of the Dead: Poor remake, good movie.

Ellen and I went to a matinee of Dawn of the Dead a little earlier today. As a fan of the original, I have somewhat mixed feelings about it. As a remake, it feels like the recent versions of Planet of the Apes and The House on Haunted Hill -- the gist of the story is basically the same, most of the major events are there, but fans of the original would like it better if it were "suggested by" rather than "a remake of."

Still, it's a pretty good movie, especially if all you're looking for is a good zombie flick. It um, actually borrows pretty heavily from Peter Jackson's Braindead (better known in the states as Dead Alive), and probably from other movies I'm not familiar with. The zombies here are actually fast and gory, rather than plodding and blue like the ones in the original, plus there's no sign of George Romero's social parables in here. These probably sound like criticisms, but they're not -- it's just a different movie than the one I'd seen. All in all, it's nicely put together, and well acted. The dialogue is generally pretty good and they did a great job of working the human angle. These are characters you care about -- even the bastards -- which didn't happen in, oh, say, Cube where the characters are in an equally desperate situation, and you just want to see them die so the movie will end.

Ma-ma-matt Frewer's in it, but he does not come back as a computer-animated veejay when he dies. I'm not sure if anyone else was dissappointed by this.
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