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This is worrisome.

Work today is gonna be a little weird, I think.

At work there's the developmentally disabled guy who come in every Friday morning. We all like him, and he likes everybody here. He's in his late 50's, and has been working for the company longer than anybody else in my department -- I'm not sure how long, but he's been here at least 18 years.

He's been having health problems recently. He had a kidney transplant which has had some complications. He's always had some mobility difficulties, and they're starting to get worse. His job coach thinks it would be all right for him to keep working, but his caregiver says it's time for him to retire. We've all met his caregiver, and she's not the nicest person in the world. She's made it clear that she is concerned equally with his health and safety (good), and her own comfort (bad). Since his cubicle is on the other side of mine, I occasionally get to hear her half of conversations with his family -- "I know he's capable of going to the zoo. I don't like zoos. I don't care if he wants to go -- I don't. He's not going."

Anyway, apparently the task of informing him that he's retiring -- he has no idea at this point -- falls on the shoulders of my boss and our HR director. Neither his caregiver nor job coach are here (which is normal -- he only needs supervision when he's sick). His shift ends at 11:00, and they'll be heading downstairs with him to a conference room soon. It's just not likely to go very well.

ADDENDUM: Well, the talk happened. He's quite depressed but he's accepted it and he's not angry, so maybe that's the best we could have hoped for. He's made the rounds to say goodbye to everyone, and my boss has taken him downstairs to wait for his ride.
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