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Happy Saint Fuglin's Day!

Oh, wow. Today is not good. Eyes hurt. Neck and shoulders are stiff. Head has seen better days.

It's March 18th, so you can well imagine what I did last night. You'd be wrong, of course -- y'all know that I'm a militant teetotaler, right? Well I am. I got ahold of ribsinbacon last night, and he wanted to see Best In Show which he hadn't seen. I went to his place, we watched the movie, and I drank nothing stronger (or other) than a Coke. I went home, crashed, and was awakened later by two gentlemen outside who were arguing over whether the Irish say "och" or "aye." I didn't really get back to sleep, hence my eyes and neck and shoulders and head. I'd guess that between the last 48 hours, I've spent around seven of them sleeping.

Incidentally, I just endeavored to settle that dispute with Google and, and though I don't have a link to prove it, the Irish use both words, often coupled as "Och, I've got somethin' in me aye!" No, seriously. People actually say that. This is what I do with my precious time at work.

Anyway, today is St. Fuglin's Day, and -- I didn't realize this until just this morning -- so is tomorrow. I was trying to find some information about the man and why it takes two days to celebrate his death, but there isn't much out there. I did, however, find this site, which, though not ultra-informative, at least provides a little background as to who the man was. I'm celebrating tonight with dinner at my parents' house.
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