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Still (sorta) sick

I stayed home from work today, but I'm feeling a bit better, and there's a pretty good chance I'll go in tomorrow. Sean's mom called looking for him, and I mentioned that I was sick. She said her family was pretty sick last week too, and the symptoms she described were pretty much the same as my own. It's good to know that whatever I have is something that's going around, and that I'm not likely to need medical attention for it. It's also good to have gotten a call from Ellen this afternoon. She had an impromptu funeral to attend (as if there's any other kind) in the Twin Cities, and I'm glad to hear that she's not sick (yet, anyway). I would not have been able to make that drive in the condition I was in yesterday -- it was difficult enough moving my car three blocks to a legal parking space when I could barely lift my head far enough to see out the windshield.

I'm feeling quite a bit better now, though. Not 100%, to be sure, but better to the point where I think I could safely suffer through my workday tomorrow. I told Tom I'd try to get together with him tomorrow night, but I don't relish the drive to Janesville, so I may want to cancel. He knows I'm sick, so I think he'll understand.

Anyway, tonight Sean is getting rid of stuff. He's decided that he doesn't have enough room to house all his crap, so he's tossing things left and right. I scored me a nice DVD-ROM, copies of Max Payne, Abuse and BlackThorne, and a whole bunch of VHS tapes that I'll never watch.
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