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Warren finally sleeps

First of all, not that any of you are even still reading my LiveJournal, but here's one of those links I promised I'd post: Sam and Max: Freelance Police. I'm pretty excited to see this game. The first one was... well, the first one was just so incredibly entertaining. I used to play through the entire game for the benefit of my friends, and I'd save games that the best parts ("This is virtual reality? I think I may be sick."). Used to do that with Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle, too. Full Throttle also has a sequel coming out soon. Good thing, too. I was beginning to think that the present sorry state of computer games (ahem, GTA3) was going to last forever. Somewhere on here I oughta put a link to Crimsonland, but I think the commercial version is still in development, and they've been trying to eradicate the free version, and besides, I'm not quite half-awake, so I expect that anybody actually reading this (including myself, once the coffee kicks in) will have no idea what this paragraph is about.

Oh, did I mention that I'm even pissed-offer than I was in my last entry? Well I am.

See, again, this all goes back to the United Way Day of Caring. More cancellations, after I thought I'd pretty much made it clear that we were committed to these projects. I need to call the United Way office, explain the situation, etc., and whomever I speak to is going to be calm and reasonable, and somewhere under that warm, understanding exterior, she's going to be kicking and screaming and pulling her hair out. And I can't blame her, since it's-- Damn and blast. I had just paused to take a quick look at, and now I'm all depressed.

Warren Zevon's dead at 56. Coincidentally, I have a greatest hits album of his here at work, so I guess I'm going to listen to that a lot today. I remember last year when he made the public announcement that he had cancer, he had been given three months to live and said that he'd be okay if he could only make it to the next Bond film. Lucky for him, he lasted quite a bit longer than expected, and he did live to see the next Bond film.

I thought it was pretty lousy.

And when I saw it, I immediately felt kind of bad for Warren, until it occurred to me that I think all the Bond films are pretty lousy (except for Casino Royale), which puts me in a minority. Oh, well. Anyway, yeah. This morning sucks.
Tags: bond films and how much they suck, more aborted sequels to brilliant games, warren zevon's untimely death
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