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"Be afraid. Be very afraid."

Q: What's the worst way to start a form letter that you want people to read?

I actually got this today... Somebody must not know how to use their mail merge software.

So I don't have strep, or at least, if I do, they haven't called to tell me (which is pretty unlikely). What I have then, is a sore throat, which has lasted a good two weeks now, and seems to be starting to get better. I wouldn't even be mentioning it, except that I brought it up on Monday.

So what else is new? Last night I stopped in at The Company of Thieves on Johnson St. (which I still recommend that you check out) to say hi to my sister. This time I did not have a latte with far too much espresso. She made me a strawberry/lime cremosa (Italian soda with half and half). Cremosas are just as not-very-good-for-me as lattes, but they're also less dubious at 8:30 PM.

I went home and finally got around to watching the David Cronenberg remake of The Fly, which I hadn't seen before. Man... Fake onscreen gore doesn't bother me at all, unless it has to do with tooth extraction. Something about Jeff Goldblum removing his own pearly whites bothers me. I've never had a problem seeing my dentist or having work done on my teeth, but the scariest movie monster I can imagine would be a cross between Freddy Krueger and Eugene Levy's character from Waiting for Guffman (which might happen -- they already did a Freddy/Bad-era Michael Jackson crossover).

Watching The Fly puts me one small step closer to finishing the stack of movies people have told me to borrow over the last couple of months. I need to sit through one or more of The Quartermass Xperiment, Invaders from Mars or Things to Come before Saturday, or my mom's friend (the one with five million animals) will be disappointed. Tonight is not the night to do it though, since Ellen and I are getting together after she gets done with work.
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