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March 8th, 2004

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11:35 pm - Hey guys, the studio has too much money. Let's remake Logan's Run.
My throat's been feeling pretty lousy lately, so I went in for a culture this afternoon. Results tomorrow. I can hardly wait. Since the clinic's in Stoughton, I stopped at my parents' house, and mom invited me to stay for chicken divine (not out of a box, incidentally). This was not an offer I felt like passing up.

Anyway, after dinner, I came home, took a walk, and settled down to the 1970 movie adaptation of The Dunwich Horror by H.P. Lovecraft. You've probably never seen it, and you probably wouldn't want to, but the soundtrack is fantastic, and it was produced by Roger Corman so you know it bears the uh, hallmark of quality. Its a shame this movie is so poorly executed, both as an adaptation and as a stand-alone film. I think that The Dunwich Horror could adapt really well as a book-accurate movie, and still hold the attention of the popular audience.

While we're on the subject of books adapted as movies, has anyone else heard that Bryan Singer (who directed The Usual Suspects and X-Men) wants to do new adaptation of Logan's Run? Honestly, I think I can speak for everyone when I say "what... the hell?" I grew up with the book and with the original movie, which I had taped off TV when I was maybe nine. The broadcast TV version had been substantially cut for time (and yet for some reason, they left Jenny Agutter's nipples). A little while ago I saw the entire film for the first time and I had trouble sitting through it. I can't picture a better adaptation than the one I've already seen, and (without the cuts) it's pretty damned difficult to sit through -- an opinion echoed by people with actual genuine good taste. I guess if the movie gets off the drawing board I'll give it a chance, but I'd put money on the studio execs grabbing Singer's head and forcing his eyes open to see it he's stoned when he pitches the idea to them.
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