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Viktor von Funkenstein: The Mad Scientist of Rap.

I shall momentarily be sitting down to watch Boris Karloff in The Ghoul, but first a brief rundown of the last couplea days:

Saturday was Rocky Horror. Isn't it always? Good show. Nice first performances by Steve, Hal and several virgins as Brad, Janet, and several virgins, respectively. Oh, man. That joke isn't very funny, and it's going to have a totally different meaning to non-Rocky people.

Post-Rocky was Country Kitchen where jinxedkisses and r3507 were unhappy with the service, having been the first people to have their order taken, and almost the last to be served. Understandably, this led to comments about the lousy service, but it's a pet peeve of mine that restaurant patrons don't seem to realize that waitstaff (if they're any good at their job) have little control over when the food arrives or the quality of said food. After harping on this point for a moment, it came to light that the food was delivered to the wrong people. This is a waitstaff problem, so um, if anybody wants me to raise a fuss and get your tip back, let me know -- I work right in that area and I can make a side trip on my lunchbreak. Oh, also, I made a "musical" instrument out of my straw. I'm not sure where the quotation marks belong in that sentence, so I just picked a word.

As for Sunday... As you may recall, I reluctantly went to Metavante's Employee Appreciation Party in late January, where I won a one-night stay at the Raintree Resort. Ellen and I went up there on Sunday afternoon, and that was fun. I got to do some yelling at the waitstaff of my own at the Houlihan's restaurant up there, so Kyle, Becki, I'm ready to retrieve your tip.

Anyway, we got back around 2:30, I checked my e-mail, etc., and took a short nap. I work up in the middle of the storm, which was kinda cool. After I got up, I drove to Stoughton, and the rest of my day was fairly busy, but nothing spectacular that you'd want to read about.

Tomorrow after work, I'm hangin' with Tom in Janesville. Whoopee. No, I'm looking forward to it. What I'm not looking forward to is going to work after a nice three day weekend, and finding a bunch o' stuff in my in-basket. That's what happens when I take a day off.

So where does the title of this post come in? Glad you asked (or rather, I'm glad I asked for you). I just posted my MP3 for March -- something I did in SoundForge called Viktor von Funkenstein. One or two of you have already heard it. For those who haven't, well, if my monthly MP3 has never really appealed to you, this might be the one you like.
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