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If you're my boss, please skip this entry.

Work today has been excruciatingly boring.

This has been a pretty slow day here at work. Fridays are often slow, but today has been worse than usual because I'm still adjusting to coming in at 8:30 rather than 8:00. Most people wouldn't understand exactly why it makes such a difference, but trust me: shifting my schedule forward has improved my efficiency at work like crazy. That's a bad thing today, but in all other respects the tradeoff is a good one.

Anyway, everybody's feeling bored today. The highlight of my day was when the AEG attacked me with rubber fingers, which she decorated with faces. Yeah, she was pretty bored too, and no matter what she says, they would not work as birth control.

Uh, anyway.

So there's not a whole lot I can do until 5:00, which isn't far off. I've already gotten rid of the e-mail that's been piling up in my inbox (a fairly daunting task), and I've taken my remote control car for a spin around my work area. I've downloaded and reread several issues of CULT OF THE DEAD COW and the aptly-named SoCiOtY oF LAMERS. I've shot suction-cup darts at the clerical staff and hidden candy hearts in places that they're not likely to be found. I took my lunchbreak and went to the grocery store to buy stuff to cook with tonight. I checked to see that the IRS has taken the income tax I still owe out of my checking account (they have, so I guess I don't still owe it anymore). I've even done actual genuine work as it's trickled in.

Pretty much the only thing I haven't done is clean my desk, which is not a task I look forward to doing any time soon. I'll probably start on that as soon as this is posted.

Then -- in a little less than 45 minutes, I'm heading home. I plan to use up a whole bunch of potatoes and onions tonight, and maybe do laundry. Not particularly exciting, I know, but I'm not worried. There are always things to do at home.
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