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Suppressing violent thoughts

Remember when that woman at work forwarded me an e-mail about "The All-American Bald Eagel?" She hasn't stopped. Granted that these messages eat up a very small portion of my day, but I don't care. This is not what I come to work for, and it aggravates me further to have learned this morning that she ignores requests to stop forwarding messages.

Today's forward was a photoshopped picture of Miss Piggy with her left nipple exposed, Janet-style. I hadn't thought much of the picture until a few minutes ago when a couple of my coworkers came over to my desk and suggested that we pass it on to her supervisor. I'm finding it really² difficult not to, especially since it's definitely not something to share around this particular office, and she sends things like this all the time. I don't want her fired, I just want her to cut it out. I don't feel like retaliating yet. We'll have to wait and see what kind of stuff she sends tomorrow.

Oh, sweet mother of something sweet that has a mother. I received new e-mail while I was writing that last paragraph, and guess who it's from?
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