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Ellen and I did not watch Weekend at Bernies II. Sorry.

Holy sack, it's Sunday night! Where's the day gone? Oh, yeah. I remember. I spent a good chunk of it with Ellen, and a larger chunk than I'd care to admit beating Day of the Tentacle. Ah, well. So, I'm sure you're all wondering what I did with the rest of this weekend. You're not? Too bad.

Friday night was, as previously stated, Tom's birthday party in Janesville. A quick survey of the steak situation in Janesville led us to Damon's. Damon's, for those unfamiliar, is the kind of place where they give you a glass of meat with your meal. The vegetarian in the group (there was only one -- the others arrived after the meal or graciously bowed out of attending) was dismayed, but they did have a Gardenburger, which is what more than half of the five of us ordered. There is nothing quite like the taste of a properly grilled Gardenburger patty (which still doesn't quite justify the price of ordering one in a restaurant).

After Damon's, other people arrived, and we watched the crappy movie I was expecting. Actually, we only got one movie (astute readers will remember that I expected two), and it wasn't all that crappy. It was The Ring, which I hadn't seen before. I'm not sure what to say about it -- it was a good way to spend two hours, and I'd watch it again for free, but I'm not sorry I missed out on its theatrical release. Post movie was (probably) LAN gaming. I'm not sure about that, since somehow the movie ended around 3:00 AM, and I went home.

My plan for Saturday was laundry and errands, but my friend John called shortly before I would've left the house, so errands became lunch and errands. This was cool -- I'm not sure I've seen John since December. I got back shortly before Ellen arrived. We'd planned to go out to dinner. Now, it had more than crossed our minds that Valentine's day would not be the best night to go out, but we decided to brave the crowds and hunt down a meal at Porta Bella. Quit laughing.

Porta Bella does not take reservations, and despite the suspicions to the contrary, last night was no exception. They told us there'd be a four-hour wait, but that Paisan's would be thirty to forty minutes. We went to Paisan's, and when I put my name on the list, the hostess spent a good minute memorizing the correct pronunciation of my last name. Thirty to forty minutes later, a man called "GAG-NAHN... Table for two for GAG-NAHN." I've never even batted an eye when somebody mispronounced my name, but the woman I'd talked to before came over and appologized profusely. It's really not a big deal.

Anyway, I had the manicotti (which is always fantastic at Porta Bella and Paisan's), and Ellen found a sandwich named after her. We went back to my place, unnerved my roommates. and went to Rocky Horror, which was a good show attended by a pretty large audience. A good time was had by all, despite the woman in front with no sense of timing.

Today was, as stated above, spent substantially with Ellen, and then beating Day of the Tentacle. I'm not sure what I ever saw in that game, but I still see it. I also talked to April, which was pretty cool. Anyway, I'm off to watch Ghoulies II, which is the sort of thing I do on Sunday nights.
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