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Keeping Up Appearances

Well, I took a quiz this morning to see which candidate's stance on the issues I most agree with. Here are my results:

You agreed with Wesley Clark on 6 of the 10 issues.
You agreed with Howard Dean on 2 of the 10 issues.
You agreed with John Edwards on 3 of the 10 issues.
You agreed with John Kerry on 5 of the 10 issues.
You agreed with Dennis Kucinich on 9 of the 10 issues.
You agreed with Al Sharpton on 7 of the 10 issues.

These results aren't surprising to me, though I have some misgivings about Kucinich. I agree with him on a lot of issues, but he doesn't strike me as having the sort of personality that gets elected. Luckily, after a party makes its nomintation, people generally stick to that candidate. Whomever ends up being the Democratic contender, will get my vote in November. There was a time when I would've voted for the candidate I most agreed with, but I've grown up enough now to know that (at least in 2004) if I'm not voting Democrat or Republican, I'm just making a statement. I have friends who say that if a Republican stood for the right ideals, they'd vote for him, but frankly, if a Republican stood for the things I support, he wouldn't be a Republican.


This weekend will be pretty busy (what's new?). Tonight is Tom's birthday party, which means a trek down to Janesville. Should be fun. I'll see all those people I've been neglecting for the better part of the last year. I don't want to talk about the reasons, but it very rarely seems worth my time to hang out with people socially. When I do things with my friends, I'm indulging them. Rocky Horror is an exception because I actually get something out of it (I'm not sure what, exactly, but I do). I haven't seen most of the people I'll be with tonight since Tom's birthday party last year, so it'll be nice to renew acquaintences. Not sure, but Carolyn might be there. Yes, that Carolyn (Fun Fact #258™: Tom and Carolyn had broken up before they ever attended Rocky together). Craig will not be there because, well, everybody involved with the Tom/Craig/Alice thing has had their head up their ass for nearly three years.

It should be a good time. Crappy movie, dinner at some place where Tom can get a steak (despite the fact that nearly everybody else in the group is a vegetarian), possibly another crappy movie, and lan gaming. evil_jim has the power supply for my laptop, which means I definitely won't be gaming, but this is a coincidental godsend because right now they're not playing anything that I like.

Saturday is Valentine's Day. I'm picking up dinner from Taco Bell and going to Ellen's, where we'll be watching that romantic classic, Weekend at Bernie's II. At least, that's what I'm telling my coworkers. Plans for Saturday night are being made, but nothing is set in stone. We'll be at Rocky, though.
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