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"Remember when we asked you to remember those fabulous '60s back in 1993?"

Somehow I know it's far too early to worry about it, but I still feel old.

You know those compilation albums they advertise on TV? I came downstairs last night while Nate was watching some crappy MTV reality show (yeah, that narrows it down...), and I saw the first commercial I've ever seen for a nostalgic music compilation aimed squarely at my generation. Everclear. The Verve. Semisonic. While they're not currently on the charts, these are not bands I think of in a nostalgic context. It reminds me of the jarring moment in 1998 when I was still working in the hospital, and I realized I was hearing a Muzak version of Smashmouth's Walking on the Sun (which works even worse than you'd think).

It's just a little weird.

I'd like to see sales figures for this compilation in comparison with others geared toward those a little older than me, since my first year of college pretty much coincided with the early furor over MP3s, the heyday of Napster, and the initial wave of inexpensive PC networking equipment and affordable broadband

Also in the news, I found a $5 gift certificate to Noodles & Company in my inbox this afternoon. The local restaurants do this to drum up business every once in awhile -- Uno's and Denny's have both given us coupons in the past. Today's coupons are really cool though, because Noodles is probably my favorite place to get lunch during the week (not that I do it often though). In that respect, this is exactly the opposite of what Noodles is trying to achieve. They want to encourage business from people who don't eat there often (or who have never been), and they're already getting repeat business from me. In fact, the only thing that might get them more business from me would be a situation in which their day manager quits right around the time I get an exponential raise.

Anyway, the AEG gave me her coupon, since she hardly ever eats there, and-- Ooh... I should hit up everybody who's on the Atkins diet for their coupons. Yes Virginia, there is a free lunch, and maybe I'll be eating it tomorrow.

I should finish up here at work. I'm driving down to Janesville tonight... yay. It oughta be fun.
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