Colin Timothy Gagnon (sacredspud) wrote,
Colin Timothy Gagnon

31 Days of Halloween 4... in 3D!

"I see the days grow shorter,
I feel the nights grow cold.
Young people feelin' restless,
Old people feelin' old.
I sense the darkness clearer,
I feel a presence here.
A change in the weather--
I love this time of year."
-- Blue Oyster Cult, "Harvest Moon" other words, it's good weather for staying inside at night and watching scary movies.

That's the plan, anyway: one horror movie every night for the next month. Can I do it? Yes, of course I can. I'm four years into this project, and I haven't failed yet. As always, the standard disclaimer applies: I may have to watch a short film or a half-hour TV special or two on the nights when I'm especially busy, but one way or another I'll make it through this month with 31 reviews under my belt, hopefully with my sanity intact. Wish me luck.

October 1: Rawhead Rex
October 2: The Fog
October 3: The Trollenberg Terror (AKA The Crawling Eye)
October 4: House of the Devil
October 5: Killer Mermaid
October 6: The Seasoning House
October 7: Poltergeist
October 8: Only Lovers Left Alive
October 9: Stage Fright
October 10: 13 Sins
October 11: This House Possessed
October 12: Wishmaster
October 13: Black Rock
October 14: The Unborn
October 15: All Cheerleaders Die
October 16: Yellowbrickroad
October 17: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
October 18: The Phantom of the Opera
October 19: Galaxy of Terror
October 20: Night of the Blood Beast
October 21: Vamp
October 22: Hellgate
October 23: Dario Argento's Dracula 3D
October 24: Casper
October 25: The Virgin Witch
October 26: The Vampire Lovers
October 27: Madhouse
October 28: Rosemary's Baby
October 29: Home Movie
October 30: Candyman
October 31: The Monster Squad

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