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Weather sucks.

I hate weather.

All kinds of weather.

I hate dry weather. I hate humid weather. I hate it when it rains. I hate it when it snows. I hate bright, sunny days, cold, wet days, and I hate it when the day starts out one way and goes drastically to the other end of the spectrum. I FRIGGIN' HATE WEATHER.

Which is why today is not a great day. It's snowing today. You already know that, but trust me, when Colin's Livejournal: The Large-Print Trade Paperback comes out, the reviewers will be glad that they don't have to hunt down The Farmer's Almanac to see why today's weather sucks. Anyway, yeah. Snow. Accumulation of 2 to 4 inches. Highs around 16. Southeast winds around 10 mph.

The building where I work is situated at the top of a hill. It's not a big hill, but the road slopes down into cornfield. The entrance to our building is on a smaller street that comes off at a T-intersection, so occasionally cars turn around at the dead end, but (unless you count the couple that tried to have sex in their car two summers ago), nothing much ever happens on that road. Since there's no regular traffic beyond the T-intersetction, the hill tends to develop a nice layer of ice in winter.

Normally during the day, people just drive carefully around this area -- most of the road is clear. As you approach the T-intersection, you gently apply the brakes to slow down your vehicle, and carefully guide yourself onto the side street and into our parking lot. At least, that's what happens when you work here every day. If you're a driver for Papa John's, you zigzag down the hill and end up stopped diagonally in the wrong lane as the car behind you sails straight into a snowbank.
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