Colin Timothy Gagnon (sacredspud) wrote,
Colin Timothy Gagnon

Actual phone conversation I just had:

Me: May I please speak with Barb?

Her: Barb's on lunch. Is there something I can help you with?

Me: Is Christine around?

Her: Well who do you want, Barb or Christine?

Me: Barb left me a message asking for a call back, and said that I should talk to either her or Christine.

Her: That doesn't sound right to me. Barb wouldn't-- Christine's bad news. She's a shyster, and I don't trust her. I'm going to give you Barb's voicemail.

Me: Okay.

Her: I'm transferring you to BARB. BARB, not CHRISTINE, OKAY?

Me: Okay.

Her: [Under her breath] For Pete's sake.
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