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You see 'em dancin' at the disco every night like a bunch of little robot queens...

Stuff I did this evening:
  • Nothing cool.

  • Monica called. She's planning another Let's-Get-Everybody-I've-Ever-Known-Together-So-They-Can-Feel-Awkward-Together party, and wanted to know if I'm free on August 7th. AUGUST 7TH. I have a little time to free up my calendar for that weekend. She set up this kind of party last August. It was fun, and maybe this year it'll be a little less uncomfortable.

  • Discovered that Invader Zim is coming to DVD in May. Something else for me to throw my money at.

  • Discovered that the second season of Twin Peaks will probably not be coming to Region 1 DVD, which annoys me greatly. Time either to move to Europe or smuggle in a multiregion DVD player.

  • Took uneventful walk to visit friends who own new coffee shop. Yay. In The Company of Fools on East Johnson. Check 'em out.

  • Finally got around to watching Best in Show, which I enjoyed greatly. Screw all y'all who think Christopher Guest movies have worn thin.

  • This is a couple of weeks old, but it's worth your time. (Thanks to Rob Matsushita)

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