Colin Timothy Gagnon (sacredspud) wrote,
Colin Timothy Gagnon

31 Days of Halloween II: Electric Boogaloo

I'm doing it again, because I'm a glutton for punishment.

Last October, I watched -- and wrote up -- a different horror movie every night. It was a great little exercise. I got to do some writing, I got to make a small dent in my depressingly long backlog of films, and I may have broken my brain on the Japanese movie Hausu. I had such a good time that in spite of the various weeknight commitments I've picked up in the meantime, I've decided to do it again! God help me.

As stated last year, I have regular obligations on certain weeknights which may prevent me from watching a feature film, but I have fond memories (fonder, in most cases, than is really warranted) of the Halloween specials that used to air every year when I was a kid, and I plan to revisit some of those. There are also quite a few excellent short films available around the web, that might make good fodder for nights when I just don't have a lot of time. The emphasis will be on feature films I've never seen before, mostly on older ones, and while they'll all be generally Halloween-appropriate, they may not all be horror. I haven't made a definite list yet, so we'll see how it goes. Got suggestions? I'm willing to entertain them.

Now, without further delay, 31 Days of Halloween II: Electric Boogaloo

October 1: Grabbers
October 2: Troll
October 3: Two Thousand Maniacs!
October 4: Sleepy Hollow
October 5: Monster Dog
Octoebr 6: The Toxic Avenger
October 7: Garfield's Halloween Adventure
October 8: The Lurking Fear
October 9: Vigor Mortis
October 10: The Shadow Out of Time
October 11: Angel Heart
October 12: The Beach Girls and the Monster
October 13: 20 Million Miles to Earth
October 14: Moon of the Wolf
October 15: House
October 16: The Cabin in the Woods
October 17: Messiah of Evil
October 18: Alabama's Ghost
October 19: Psychos in Love
October 20: The Black Cat
October 21: Brain Dead
October 22: The Wasp Woman
October 23: Tales of Terror
October 24: The Real Ghostbusters: The Halloween Door
October 25: Tucker and Dale vs Evil
October 26: The Theatre Bizarre
October 27: The Invasion of the Bee Girls
October 28: Prey [The Terrible Old Man]
October 29: Night Train to Terror
October 30: Haunted Honeymoon
October 31: Mockingbird Lane / The Worst Witch / The Amazing Screw-On Head

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