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Illness, work, music and Ellen (and not necessarily in that order)

Still feeling reasonably good for a guy with a cold. Should hit the sack soon if I intend to feel as good on the morrow. I took my sister's advice to purchase the cheapest suphedrine tablets I could find, and by George, they work better than the brand name stuff. Everything else (including any brand-name product marked "non-drowsy") wipes me out, and these have done the trick, although they have the unfortunate side effect of making me say things like "on the morrow" and "by George." Or perhaps that's just me.

Nothing cool to report at work, but I am dealing with plenty of stupid situations... Yesterday it was a meeting where I was called in as the "expert" on a system I don't have access to. Today I had to deal with a bank that keeps faxing to our old number. They have a coversheet that they print out every time they want to send us something. The fax number on the coversheet is correct, and they always cross it off and write the old number in. Every time we get one of these faxes, it prompts a phone call to the bank. The conversation always runs about the same way, and today it was my turn:

Me: ...also, I see you're faxing to the 608 number. We've been using the 414 number since June, and I see it's printed on your coversheet.
Them: Well the fax got through, didn't it? If it got through, the 608 number works.
Me: Yes, but the number that starts with 608 is going to be reallocated to a customer service representative soon.
Them: Well why didn't you tell us that?
Me: We did. That's how you got the 414 number.
Them: We don't have the 414 number.
Me:'s on your coversheet... Whomever sent this fax drew a line through it and wrote the old number on top of it.
Them: I just opened the Word file where we keep the coversheet for your faxes... There's no 608 number on it. Just the one for the 414 area code.
Me: That's the right one.
Them: Then why are you telling me lies? There's no 608 number on here.
Me: No, the fax we just received has the 608 number handwritten on the coversheet. The 608 number is the old one which will soon cease to be connected to our fax imaging system. The correct number is the one for the 414 area code.
Them: That's impossible. We don't use a handwriting recognition system here.

We go through this with this bank at least once a week, and they're an enormous client, so calling the guy on the other end of the phone a stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder would get me more fired than usual. Even worse -- I'm not even supposed to deal with outside clients. When I get a phone call, it's usually somebody asking what my lunch plans are in the hopes that I'll make a quick burger run to The Hole In The Ground.

Uh, despite all this, work wasn't particularly stressful today. The AEG brought in a fantastic chocolate cake and homemade chocolate turtles. You know that older, female relative you have who bakes like no one else (meaning that she bakes well, not that she bakes with a duct tape)? The AEG is like that. One day I'll ask her what her secret is, but it's gonna have to wait until I'm on my deathbed or diagnosed with some incurable disease because anything that tastes so good has to be dangerous, and I don't need the stress of knowing what she's feeding us.

After work, I had plans. No, I really did. But sat down in front of the computer to record a melody I had in my head on the way home from work, and suddenly I saw that it had gotten late. It's developing really nicely, though. I also got a call from Ellen (who is not sick. Yet). Oh, before I go any further, I realized that I haven't really explained Ellen on my livejournal. Quick show of hands: Who still doesn't have any idea who Ellen is? Ribs? Evil_Jim? Okay, she's one of Wendy's (ex)co-workers. Anybody still not know what I'm talking about? Evil_Jim? We'll discuss later, if you like. Anyway, she still hasn't seen any of the LoTR movies, so we're going to watch the first one tomorrow night. It'll be rockin'. Like Dokk-- ah, I mean, like The Brain Surgeons.
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