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There's One Born Every Minute

One of these days I will weigh in on the recent political matters in the State of Wisconsin, but this is not the day, and it will likely happen long after the turmoil has passed.

In the meantime...

A couple of weeks ago, defaultlisa sent me a picture of a posting on an office bulletin board. I'm not sure if it came from her workplace or was just something she found online, but it's the kind of sign that people who don't know about craigslist make when they want to sell a vehicle or offer their drywalling services under the table. You know the kind. It's a single page where the bottom is fringed into strips you can tear off that have the poster's phone number or e-mail address. Maybe there's some clip-art. Where I work, the only postings like this are from people who are looking to start a carpool.

Anyway, the one defaultlisa sent me isn't selling anything, it's just offering strips of lined paper. And I liked the idea, so I've posted my own, except it doesn't have lines. Mine says:

Due to the popularity of
we are pleased to offer
Please help yourself.

I tore off three of the strips to add a little authenticity, and hung it on the refrigerator in the kitchenette.

Surprisingly, another strip is gone.

Unsurprisingly, they've only taken one.
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