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Facebook users have had access to this information for slightly more than a week, but I've accepted a new job, and will be leaving this one in a week.

The offer came through on the day before Thanksgiving, shortly before I left work, from the Unemployment Office. I've been testing occasionally for State jobs for about three years now, but I wasn't feeling good about it. Partly, there are too many people trying to get these jobs. Mostly, I find the State application process exceptionally off-putting, and I don't think I give a very good interview. That's all beside the point though, because as I said, I got a job.

Anyway, this puts my team in a very bad position, which is the reason I've protected this post (at least until they've paid out my vacation hours). My boss -- for the first time in three years -- is a competent person who knows what he's doing, and could have led the department to Bigger and Better Things, if we weren't being shut down in March. He manages quite a few employees, but most of them are temps, and few of them have any idea what they're doing. My job is a top-tier position, and there are two other people besides me who do it, but there should probably be six of us. You get to do my job by working here for a long time and being good at it, and they can't replace me because our departmental trainer -- currently on maternity leave -- trains people to go through the motions, but does not actually explain them. Most of our employees do their job so badly that nobody is ready to move to this position when I leave. The trainer won't be replaced because there's too much work to take someone off their regular workload, and we can't fix the workload problem because someone above my boss' level decided some time ago that we can't hire any more permanent employees.

So we have a constant number of employees, but they're all temps because everybody else is looking for a new job and jumping ship when they find one. And the temps are constantly jumping ship because they're temps and they know we're not going to hire them. In the meantime we are hemorrhaging money for no better reason than that someone at my boss' boss' boss' level did a cost/benefit analysis and deemed the problem too temporary and too expensive to fix. When the Madison office closes, the problem goes away.

I am missing out on a nice severance package, but I don't feel bad about that. My boss is valiantly sticking it out, and I just hope he can hold his sanity for a few more months. We're talking about a very surly man who, in the best of times, fuels himself with Red Bull and rage (the emotion, not the energy drink). I respect him much more than I let on, and I wonder what he'll do with himself come March.

I feel a little bad for leaving everyone like this, but the only reason everyone else isn't leaving with me is that jobs are not abundant, and many of my coworkers are holding off on their job search until after termination.

At any rate, the change is good for me. Aside from the obvious benefits of starting something new and fresh, I'm in a better mood, because, well, I'm not freaking out about how I'll make ends meet in four months. I feel like I'm about to start a more morally responsible job, and at the very least I won't be dreading doing this job day after day. This job has been good for me in the past -- no, really, it has -- but now I'm ready to go.

I'm also writing a lot of music recently, and that has to be the result of my better mood.
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