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The Little Vampire

One of my coworkers is an extremely overqualified Kenyan girl who was younger when she graduated college than the rest of us were when we graduated high school.

Anyway, she has a three-year-old who (in an attempt to follow in his mother's footsteps) is already enrolled in kindergarten (which I didn't even think was legal). The kindergarten isn't part of this story, though. The story is that my coworker came over to my desk today in a state of distress and said, "Colin, how expensive is a dental specialist? Will I have to take out a loan?"

"I don't know," I said. "What do you need to have done?"

"It's my baby. His teeth are too pointy."

And she pulled out her phone, and showed me a series of pictures of her son. Most of them were disturbing close-ups of his mouth, and she zoomed in on the others.

"They're terrible," she said. "We need to get them fixed!"

I could hear the italics in her voice (the underlining is mine, though).

Kid looks fine to me.

She's calling the dentist anyway.
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