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Slow news day

"That was the school," says one of my coworkers. "My daughter got caught fooling around with a boy. I haven't even given her The Talk yet."

"Oh, man," says one of my other coworkers. "It was bad enough hearing my mom talk about sex. I could never do that with my daughter. If some dude ever saddles me with a kid, he gets to give the sex talk."

"It's not that it's my daughter," says the first woman, "I get embarrassed talking to anybody about... you-know-what."

Someone else: "What?"

The first woman does what looks to me like the Huuuuge Tracts of Land gesture from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. No one else says anything, so she says, "you know... You know!" More unrelated gesturing, and then she whispers, "sex!"

The embarrassment speech was pretty entertaining, but maybe you had to be there. Less entertaining: The daughter is eight.
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