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I can't wait to be old

Back In The Day (about this time last year) it was a lot easier to find tea tree oil at the pharmacy. It was on the same shelf as the vitamins and dietary supplements, and they were all arranged alphabetically, so it was easy to find -- right between Taurine and Vitamin U². Not so anymore, though. They've employed a new classification system which seems to have more to do with packaging style than anything else. Whatever. The point of the story wasn't to tell you about my tea tree oil, anyway.

The point was to mention that while I was scanning the shelves, I got to overhear the end of a discussion about sex acts between a loud elderly man and a very uncomfortable pharmacist who was trying to get him out of the store without insulting him. The story was explicit, but the language wasn't terribly offensive. The main character of the story was his brother, but that's all I can tell you because I came in during the middle, and after a minute or so the pharmacist gave up on trying to steer the conversation and simply said, "I'm going back up to the front now. I need to get back to work."

As soon as she walked away, the guy put shopping basket on the floor and walked past me muttering. Then he made a big production of clearing phlegm from his throat as he left without buying anything.

I'm crossing my fingers that I live to be that old, and that I retain enough of my faculties to be deliberately annoying, rather than just confused.
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