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"Diane, I'm holding in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies."

The mood says "awake," but I mean that only barely.

Last night I got approximately too few hours of sleep (which is a ballpark figure) because my housemates decided that we should have a little high school reunion at Brothers on University Avenue. It was nice -- I got to talk to aethicite, juniperlore and emjay42, none of whom I see much of these days, and I met exairian, which was cool. Unfortunately, none of this wonderful stuff justifies the excrutiatingly slow day I had at work. It might not have been so boring, but when you're as tired as I was, the day... drags... pretty badly.

Anyway, nobody but me cares, but I am now a proud owner of The Pink Shirt Book, which I managed to find for $1.78. After all these years, I finally realized that the guy in the pink shirt on the cover is none other than Peter Norton (I didn't realize he'd written the book). Perhaps I should have made this connection long ago, but it was a nice revelation. Admittedly, it's a little weird seeing him as a young man, and realizing that the only difference in his appearance between 1986 and 2003 is the addition of glasses and slightly grayer hair.

Those who don't know/care what The Pink Shirt Book is are better off not worrying about it.

I've also been watching (as if anybody who reads my journal hasn't noticed) a lot of Twin Peaks lately. Specifically, I've been watching the second season, which I hadn't seen yet since it's still not out on DVD. The second season is where the show gets substantially weirder. Sometimes (such as when David Lynch shows up as FBI Chief Gordon Cole) I wonder why this show got cancelled. Sometimes (such as when Deputy Brennan's sperm count gets so high that he can't help but blaspheme) I know why this show got cancelled. Anyway, I feel like doing nothing tonight, so I've watched four complete episodes. That's a pretty sad Friday night, but I just don't feel like finding anything better to do.

Given the way I'm feeling, I oughta get some sleep. Tomorrow night Ellen and I will be going to her work Christmas party, so we may or may not be at Rocky. If she doesn't want to go, I'll put up a fight token wimper, but we'll probably be there.
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