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Ich bin ein Portlander!

Right. So. evil_jim and I are in Portland for the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & Cthulhucon.

Took the Amtrak here -- two day train ride, lots cheaper than flying, but less comfortable. Smellier, too. Kicked around for a couple hours, had lunch, and visited the saddest pawn shop I've ever seen, simply because it was close by. Relaxing for a couple of hours in the hotel, and then off to the festivities. Have the entire weekend blocked out based on the schedule, which is probably the best-planned convention I've ever attended. Programming starts at 6:00 tonight, and at 1:00 Saturday and Sunday, running until late at night. Still, ample time to sleep, enjoy the hotel's continental breakfast, return to bed, and then have a leisurely morning, and then stumble down to the theater midday (take that, HOPE conference!). Lotta good stuff on the schedule, so I'll be busy the whole time. Everything I'm going to is something I wanted to go to, and I'm not missing anything I was interested in. Bouilla!

Here's my plan, which I know you don't care about:

Friday:Short Films block 1Fear of the Unknown
Saturday:Author's readingsAsk S.T. JoshiDark ParadoxShort Films block 3M.R. James Dramatic Reading
Sunday:In Search of LovecraftFilming the UnfilmableBefore Lovecraft:
Poe, Chambers, James
& Other Influences
Short Films block 2Alien Raiders
Key:PanelsShort FilmsFeature Films

...anyway, I'm pretty excited.

More later, but first, we were looking through the phone book for lunch restaurants, and just for the heck of it (no, really), I decided to check out the escort services section, which is always good for a laugh. There are listings for Alumni of Xstacy University, Bored Housewives ("Can you meet me in half an hour?" "Yeah, sure. I guess."), and Buttered Beauties, the latter of which is the title of an early Devo song. General consensus among the people I've mentioned it to is that it's a service which employs chubby girls, but that's not what I'm trying desperately hard not to picture at all.
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