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Major Life Events!

Long-time readers of my livejournal (or long-time glancers-at, for that matter) will have noticed that the frequencies of my posts has dropped from posting every time I get bored at work (20 times a day) to every time I experience a Major Life Event. Major Life Events, therefore, must include things like getting around to reading Fight Club, declining food from McDonald's, and making fun of the late Charleton Heston. Conspicuously absent are the fact that I've moved into a different apartment with crabmoon and my recent amputations. Explanations for these omissions are that 1) I'm lazy, and 2) it's probably not true.

Other Major Life Events that you should probably know about:
<major life events>
  • Apparently Eoin Colfer is writing And Another Thing..., the sixth book in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, due out next October. Colfer, as only the huffiest Harry Potter fans will know, is the author of the not-that-well-liked-by-adults Artemis Fowl series. No word in the article as to whether the plot of the new book will follow Douglas Adams' plans for Salmon of Doubt, which was working on (read: avoiding) when he died, so I'm assuming it won't. I'm also assuming I'll like it because I'd rather look forward to it than dread it.

  • Incidentally, I never mentioned Us Presents: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and it's months too late now, but most of you weren't aware of it anyway. This is an amateur production of the first series of the radio programme (extra 'me' (and single quotes) because it's British), which I was involved with about 8 years ago. Some of you might remember that I posted some excerpts from this version in anticipation of the movie in 2005. This is a chance to hear the radio series if you've never done so before. Episodes 1-10 contain production notes, episodes 11-16 are a repost of the naked radio series sans commentary. Then you should hunt down the actual radio drama, which was expanded to cover all five books a few years back, and which can be considered (until next October, anyway) to be the definitive version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

  • ...and because seanorange was hoping that reviving and finishing Hitchhiker's would spark new projects, I've been thinking a lot about Captain Spleen: The Audio Drama. I say that pretty regularly, don't I? Ah, well.

  • On a sadder, and much more serious note, it just occurred to me as I was writing this that episodes 5 and 6 of Us Presents: HHG contain performances by Lindsey Plank as the Dish of the Day and the hairdresser, respectively. Lindsey was killed in a car accident last month (news report here). We were not the greatest of friends, but we were trying when she moved to Steven's Point to go to school. We reconnected last summer when she came back to Madison, and we hung out a few times. A mostly comedic livejournal post is not an appropriate place to eulogize someone, but she'd have asked for a mostly comedic eulogy, so I'm stuck. She was one of the most intelligent and humorous people I've ever met, which is what everybody's saying, because it's true. We'll miss her.

  • Plowing awkwardly along... I saw Burn After Reading last night, and you should all go see it. It's not the best film the Cohen Brothers have made (that honor goes to The Hudsucker Proxy, but you wouldn't believe me if I told you that), but its doubtless the best comedy I've seen in a long time. The dialogue is great, the casting is great (and you'll see Brad Pitt in a role he's never played before), and the pacing reminds me of Arsenic and Old Lace, 'cept with a lot more swearing. Oh, and it's good to see that David Rasche (better known (though not necessarily to you) as The Guy Who Starred In Sledge Hammer!) is still getting work.

  • crabmoon and I have run out of milk

</major life events>
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