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January 7th, 2004

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06:59 pm - Soup's On!
'Ot dog soup, that is. I felt like cooking tonight, so supper is (almost) hot dog soup (which tastes a lot better than it sounds). I was talking to the AEG today, we both agreed that "hot dog soup" sounds a little tacky (well okay, I thought it sounded tacky. She thought it sounded "yummy"), so when I went to the grocery store on the way home, I picked up some ham. So I guess it's actually ham soup. It's pretty good. You oughta try it sometime, Jim. The rest of you oughta read the entertaining recipe, courtesy of evil_jim.

Whilst at the grocery store ("whilst" because, as Becki pointed out the other day, I'm so British), I ran into Tiffany who was buying taco accoot-- accouterm-- fixin's. Who's Tiffany? Tiffany's a friend I graduated high school with. She also dated Lance for quite some time (not that anybody holds it against her -- what we hold against her is that she dated Kevin.). We had a short but surreal conversation in the middle of Cub Foods, and I learned that she's splitting her time between manual labor, finishing her military service (I had no idea she'd gone into the military), and working on a degree at Eau Claire. It's nice to know that everybody I went to high school with isn't a doctor yet. No Josh and Matt, I did not think to invite her out tomorrow night, but I'm sure she sends her love or her greetings or whatever it is she's sending to people.

Other than that, nothing spectacular to report. Today at work (while I'm going backward through my day) we had a department meeting, and my boss asked to borrow some of the toys from my desk so that people would have something to do with their hands. There's something vaguely worrisome to me about that. It probably means that it's time to take some of the toys off my desk. Oh, and since it's relevant (although this really isn't the place to discuss it), a little FYI for spidermoon77: It's been pointed out to me (several times, actually) that you're spending an inordinate amount of time at my desk discussing muffins, pumpkins, wax paper, Caledonia, mahoganies, elbows and green things in general. People in my department are wondering if you actually do any work (I know you do, but they don't). You (and by "you," I mean "we") should try to make your (and by "your" I mean "our") work avoidance sessions shorter and less obvious (and by "shorter and less obvious" I mean "briefer and less blatant").

(Wow, I use too many parentheses (you'd think I was Penn Jillette (back when he wrote that monthly column for PC Magazine (you know, the column where he made all those jokes about overusing paretheses, and how much he wanted to sleep with Uma (Thurman)))).)
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Date:January 7th, 2004 10:18 pm (UTC)

Bacon Soup for the soul

I've come close to using ham. How about bacon? Yes folks, Bacon Soup. It such a wonderful sounding name I'm gonna name your children after it. Just take a pound of bacon and cut the strips into one inch (don't you dare ask for metric)pieces, fry separately and dump into the kettle (or skull) with the rest of the ingredients instead of the 'ot dogs. Voila! Eat, enjoy and share the recipe.
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Date:January 8th, 2004 06:28 am (UTC)

Ju Know....

It's amazing how often I get that same issue... no matter what department, no matter what about.... but guess what! I deserve to ;) Then there is the whole other efficiency bit ;)

When someone else can save the company 1000+ man hours (actual would have had to been worked by someone) a month, then they can complain about me not 'doing any work' :) (sighs) I honestly don't think it ever pays to use ones brain while at work, just a bunch of mindless zombies wobbling around, and if you don't blend in... severe issues arise ;) I am on every departments hit list, yet expected to drop everything if something goes wrong... why am I the end all know all of AP? (pouts)

I want more money and a new office :)

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