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Who's up for a Dunkin' Donuts run?

So here's a question:

It's not uncommon for me to get excited and post a link when a certain band that I like gives a particularly good interview on NHPR, or ends up contributing a song to The Sims. I realize that there are only four of you who ever click those links. That's fine.

But what happens when John Linnell gets interviewed by Parenting Magazine? Is that even worth it? Do the TMBG fans in my readership actually want to read his sheepish feelings about bribing your child? Probably not. But there you go: TMBG, having won their Grammy, collaborated with The Daily Show and McSweeny's Magazine, and spent a few months at the top of the Amazon sales charts, are running out of media outlets to infiltrate. What's next? Field and Stream? The WWE? Neil Gaiman?

Wait, you can scratch that last one off the list. They're doing the soundtrack to Henry Selick's adaptation of Coraline.

Also, this ad campaign makes me want to make a road trip to Janesville (especially that last one).
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