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Snow! Paul and Storm and Jonathan Coulton! Kyle is funny! I am posting!

Weather, you are so fired.

Yes, for those of you reading my journal from balmier, more temperate parts of the world (New York, Ottawa, Siberia...), Wisconsin has been getting a lot of snow over the last couple of weeks. It hasn't really been a huge quantity, but there have been several different snowfalls, which means more of the Three Ss: Shoveling, Scraping, and Swearing while sliding sideways down the interstate. Fun.

In other news, work is so busy right now that I don't have time to take a crap anymore, and have adjusted my pants accordingly. I've been stealing my jokes from Leisure Suit Larry Six.

Apart from the weather, there's nothing major going on with me. I went to the Majestic Theater on Friday the 7th to see Jonathan Coulton. It's the first time I've been in the Majestic since it was a nightclub, and it looks great. The new owners have done a wonderful job of retaining the original character of the old theater. I hope they have their act together and can make it profitable, because it's a very cozy and attractive venue right now.

And hey, what a fantastic show. The opening act was Paul and Storm, which was an amazingly good pairing. Jonathan Coulton, for those unfamiliar (hi mom and dad!) is a folk rock musician whose songs lean toward geekier subjects (the Mandelbrot set, zombies, Pluto's moon...). Paul and Storm used to belong to an acappella group called DaVinci's Notebook (now defunct), and are mostly known for doing comedy news pieces on The Bob and Tom Show. I could hold that against them, but I s'pose they've gotta eat. Both acts hold similar appeal, but I don't think there's much fanbase overlap, so I imagine that both have more fans than they did on Friday afternoon.

Shortly into Paul and Storm's set, I ran into defaultlisa, poriginal, mlitiagrl, and our friend Josh who may or may not have a livejournal, and ended up sitting with them. At one point, r3507, who was sitting in his old Rocky Horror balcony seat upstaged Paul and Storm for about 40 seconds, and I think I saw rob_matsushita, though I'm not sure. In other words, everybody was there, and if either act comes back to Madison, I expect to see you there, too.

Now all we have to do is get Corn Mo to come back.
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