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Through the darkness of future past

"I play my part on my stage.  I tell what I can to form the perfect
answer.  But that answer cannot come before all are ready to hear.
So I tell what I can to form the perfect answer.

"Sometimes my anger at the fire is evident.  Sometimes it is not
anger, really.  It may appear as such, but could it be a clue?
The fire I speak of is not a kind fire."

                             -- Margaret Lanterman, the Log Lady

(Irrelevance cut for brevity -- original article is here)

From: Trichome
Subject: "Garmonbozia"
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 18:23:12 GMT

"Paul Bauer" wrote:

> is the creamed - corn garmonbozia? 

    Creamed corn was only a symbol for garmonbozia,
      which is itself an abstraction of the concept of pain and
         suffering as a discrete, unit of transferable property.

   Life gives you creamed corn, people give you creamed corn.
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