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June 5th, 2007

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04:40 pm - Spot the hidden R.E.M. reference
My new apartment comes with four keys:
1. Building
2. Apartment
3. Laundry
R. Mailbox
I tried 'em out last night, and I'm confused as to the laundry key. There is no lock on the laundry room door. The washer and dryer have two locks each, but one is obviously for the coin basket, and the laundry key fits into the other, but does not turn. A coworker suggested to me that it might be required to start the units once the coins are in, but that seems like overkill. Besides, everyone else in the building has the same key. Somebody else suggested that it might be for a storage locker which would make sense, except that I was specifically told that it is the laundry key. Besides, it's stamped with the letters "LAU" and my apartment already has three closets. Not much need for a storage locker.

So I have this key that I can't figure out.

The other thing is that with the exception of the mail key, they're all the same size and shape. The only difference between them is the engraving on the laundry key, and I won't be able to see that when it starts getting dark earlier. In order to tell them apart, I bought some of those little plastic color-coding rings, and I'm amused at the back of the packaging:

Special Features of this Product:

Your Color Code Key Jackets come with the following extra features for your comfort and enjoyment:
  • Color code keys for easy identification!

  • Luggage tags included free!

I guess I've always thought of "special features" as meaning things like "making-of documentary" and "U.S. and International trailers" and "dispenses marmalade and processed cheese at the touch of a button." I suppose the luggage tags count as a special feature since I wasn't expecting them, but when color coding is the only selling point of your product, you can't really proclaim it to be a special feature. It especially doesn't count when all of your competitors have the same selling point.
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Date:June 6th, 2007 06:39 am (UTC)
My keys dispense marmalade & processed cheese. The trick is plugging up the hole in the jar when I'm done.
Spot the hidden R.E.M. reference - Garmonbozia for the soul. — LiveJournal

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