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Workin' on Saturday

Yeah, while you're all outside running around and climbing trees and playing, I'm here putting in a little extra time at work so that I don't get particularly behind in my duties. I was originally hoping to spend most of the afternoon here, but evil_jim wants to do something, and though my Monday may suffer for it, I'd much rather be hanging out with Jim than spending my Saturday at work.

It's kind of sad that I never make livejournal posts anymore. It was so much easier to find time to do it when I was A) single and B) less busy at work. These days there is simply no time to make posts to my journal from work, and that probably won't change any time soon. I used to get a lot of work done on my creative endeavors while I was supposed to be doing other things, and that has decreased as my days have gotten fuller. I'd like to think that it will change as it has in the past, but that was usually due to the regular ebb and flow of the workload. In this case, I think it's because we've reached a very efficient level of staffing (for the moment, anyway), which means that when things are busy, they're really busy, and when things are slow, they're still busy. This affects me outside of work too.

So I haven't been getting much done. Writing music has not stopped, but it's slowed down, as has doing my podcast. I was doing a couple of episodes a month for awhile there, but it takes time to put one together, and I struggled hard to get episodes out between January and March. It's not difficult figuring out what to say -- I have my next episode (Spider Baby/ Bloody Pit of Horror) more or less planned out, but it takes time to research a movie, and then sit down with it and write a script. It takes an evening to record an episode, grab soundbites from the movies, and then edit everything together. I have no idea when I'll get to do this.

Oh, and I'm searching for a new place to live, for those who don't already know. Amazingly, I have some leads (as of this morning) for the area of town in which I'm most interested, so we'll see how that goes. The price of living in the house I share with Ribs and RJ is pretty average for a house that size in the areas I like, but if I'm going to live on my own (which seems preferable right now), my rent is likely to be almost double what I'm paying now. This is going to be an interesting test, and it will be a test.
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