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"Dear Wheeler: you provide the prose poems. I'll provide the war."

Driving in snow sucks. Has anybody reading my livejournal not noticed that yet? Oh, you all have? Never mind then.

The last (approximately) 48 hours:

I got home on Friday and opened the fridge only to discover that supper was going to be a can of mandarin orange segments and some hash browns. I decided to go shopping on Saturday, which completely failed to happen. Why, you may ask? Because Saturday morning, shortly after having gotten out of bed, Ellen called and asked if I wanted to get together and watch The Hudsucker Proxy (which we've been planning to do). I said that yes, this would be a good night for it, hung up, and realized that an immense amount of cleaning would have to be done in addition to the aforementioned shopping, which failed to happen. Well, the cleaning happened, preceeded by a couple of other minor errands. Grocery shopping didn't happen because (1) I didn't have time, and (2) I have too many canned goods, etc. that will never be used up if I don't force myself to do so. I've gotta eat that tomato soup some time.

To add to my not enough time to get anything done, Nate decided that we need new furniture recently, and so he and xoshua went to check out the selection. When they came home, it was decided that the living room furniture should be rearranged before Ellen's arrival. This means that they were nice enough to do some rather nasty cleaning in the living room, leaving me to do only the kitchen and bathroom. Not a big deal, but not particularly fun, either. They're trying to make the house more pimp ("pimp" as in "fly, yo," not "P.I.M.P." as in "peeing in my pants"), and I must say, the rearranging of the furniture and the addition of the rug I was storing in the basement do make the room quite snazzy. Um, it might be nice if 75% (by number of pieces, not by volume) of the furniture didn't look like crap, but that's why new furniture is required. Oh, and xoshua's moving into my old bedroom soon, which will be a nicer arrangement for everybody, I think -- if nothing else, he won't have to hear the noises that come from my room in the unlikely event that somebody actually spends the night.

So Ellen came over. We watched the movie, and she enjoyed it, which is pretty cool. I first ran into The Hudsucker Proxy while flipping through the channels a few years ago, and happened to catch the scene where Norville is showing his "sweet idea" to the guy in the mailroom. It was so bizarre that I had to keep watching. It's more style than substance, but it's so much fun... Eventually, everybody I hang out with ends up seeing this movie whether they want to or not.

Afterward, we went to Rocky (which is what we've been doing recently), where jinxedkisses and nocturne152 were the only members of Tiny Fools. Becky played Kyle for the evening, which was really... entertaining, in a fish-out-of-water kind of way. It was a fun show, and TJ showed up for the first time in like, a long time. Yeah, all y'all missed TJ. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah at about 9:30 this morning, which felt way too early, but I had to.

My parents always take my sister and I out for a meal and a movie around the holiday season, and today was the day. This last couple of years it's been really convenient because of The Lord of the Rings, which we've all wanted to see. So yes, I finally got around to seeing RoTK. And it was really, really good. Considering the people who read my livejournal, I don't need to rant on how good the LoTR series is, but now that it's concluded, I will say this: They are not my favorite movies ever, but taking into account every aspect (writing, casting, acting, mis en scen, cinematography, being both accessible and enjoyable to a huge audience, the fact that George Lucas had nothing to do with it, etc.) they are probably the best movies I've ever seen.

On the other hand, I thought that High Fidelity, though only average in terms of story and dialogue, has some of the best direction this side of Citizen Kane, so what the hell do I know?

Speaking of Citizen Kane, my parents also took us to Best Buy and explained that they don't like to get media gifts for other people (would I really want that new Outkast album? (The answer is no.)), so they'd let us each pick out something we wanted and buy it for us. My sister got something for her Gamecube, and I got the *Two-Disc Special Edition* version of Citizen Kane (which is also the ONLY DVD version. Special indeed). This is one of those movies I have been putting off purchasing for a couple of years, and having a copy is nice. Given the way I feel right now, I'll pass out halfway through if I try to watch it tonight, but I think I'll post this and have a look at the special features.
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