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Mellow like Sabbath

One of my coworkers likes to lend out his music. He's not really a huge music aficionado, he just thinks that everyone else's poor taste is music is worse than his own poor taste in music.

Anyway, whenever he tries to give me something to listen to, the first words out of his mouth are "Hey Colin, I know you like more mellow stuff..."

In the past, "mellow" has referred to Sevendust, Drain STH, Tool, and Kittie. Those of you familiar with, say, Kittie, will assume that he's kidding when he calls it mellow, but trust me: he's not. These bands are mellow compared to the music to which he most likes to listen, and really, these are the especial exceptions. He's also loaned me plenty Green Day and OKGo and The Scissor Sisters, which also can't be described as "mellow," but they're certainly, y'know, listenable.

Today's mellow album is Voodoo-U by Lords of Acid. I already own this album, but he pouts when I tell him I'm already familiar with his music (he also becomes depressed when you remind him that OKGo used to open for They Might Be Giants), so I've learned just to take it, listen to it if it's any good, and then return it to him at the end of the day.

In the mean time, I'm listening to house music.
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