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Happy New Year, homey.

Alrighty. First of all, you should all head over to my website and download a copy of this month's MP3, a cover of Mono Puff's What Bothers The Spaceman. I'm really happy with it. Check it out.

As to New Year's Eve: plans did not get settled until mid-evening. I'd been invited to a couple of parties I didn't really want to attend, but I was planning, at least, to put in a quick appearance. This completely failed to happen.

The first of these parties was a "Pimp 'n' Ho Party" being held by a woman I work with and her husband. I'm invited to every gathering they hold, but never show up (I already have enough Tupperware, thanks). This time though, she told me (before I volunteered any information as to my plans) that I could skip out if I was going to be hanging out with a girl. One down.

The other one was being held by my friend Monica. If I'd been in a different mood, I would have gone to this party, but as it was I just wanted to avoid it. This will require a little explanation. Monica is a good friend of mine, and I should really hang out with her at some point here, but not on New Year's Eve. Why not? Because of the other people who would be in attendance. These are all friends from high school whom I've known for ages, but being around these people in a group makes my head hurt. Every one of them has various strong moral or political values that they just have to bring up in conversation. Some of them are legitimate ("I think all right-thinking people in this country are wrong"), others are ridiculous ("I voted for Nader in 2000 because I'm a pot smoker"*), but each one of these opinions has a strong oponent within the group. Everybody knows this, and everybody has to voice their opinion anyway. Ever seen a room full of pro-choicers argue violently over abortion? I have, and I don't want to go through it again. I don't want to be told about the benefits of veganism, or crucified as a murderer because of my leather shoes. I don't believe that I should have sex with a man to make sure that I'm heterosexual. I'd rather vote to elect than to prove a point, so I'm not interested in Love 22 or that Schechter guy who promised to dress as a nun for media events.

Anyway, every time these people get together, these non-issues surface for NO GOOD REASON, and split the group into smaller groups who are angry with each other. I just don't want to deal with that stuff.

But that's not what I told Monica. I told Monica that I'd made other plans. Which I had. Ellen and I planned to watch Amazon Women On The Moon, make an appearance at her friend Shelly's house, and play the rest of the evening by ear. Shelly's house was interesting. She's a pretty heavy smoker, which wreaked no small amount of havoc on my sinuses. Despite the discomfort, it's not worth my time to throw fits about cigarette smoke, so I just deal with it. Shelly has a six-year-old son who insisted that Ellen play Super Mario Bros. 2 with him. While Ellen was playing Nintendo, Shelly and I discussed Alice Cooper, professional wrestling, and why she should have won the powerball.

After Shelly's house, we went to april_tehe's party, which was fun. Most of those who read my journal were there, so I don't need to go into details, but Ellen and I had a good time. I got attacked by jinxedkisses and r3507 who for some reason thought my forehead needed licking, and I got into a fight with a fan. I don't think anybody saw that last part, though.

Either way, I got home around 5:20 AM, in bed around 6:15, and up at about 12:30 this afternoon, which reminds me of all those completely wasted late pre-waterpark nights with Us (Not Them) Productions... Ah, well. Today I did basically nothing. I spent too much time getting Commander Keen episodes 4 through 6 to recognize my sound card under Windows XP (not an small feat), and then I decided I should take a walk so that the entire day wasn't an enormous waste. This all accounts for about two hours of time. Not sure where the rest went, but I'm about to relax in front of a bad movie, as per usual. Maybe Satan's School for Girls or The Wasp Woman. Or I might wimp out and watch Plan 9 From Outer Space. Again.

* A real quote from a real person. Really.
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