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Rhinestones and glitter

First things first: I'm feeling a lot better. I had a couple of days of being really sick last week, and when that was over I was fine. Saw the doctor a couple of more times about my kidneys, and they couldn't find anything, which means a small kidney stone which either passed, or shifted position and will re-emerge later. Either way, it's fine now.

Last night offBeat met with a couple of choreographers in order to help us spice up our stage presence for the Harmony Sweeps... That's kind of a scary idea, because it's one more thing we're going to have to perfect in the next three weeks. The choreographers also brought up the good point that when you're on stage (especially at a competition), the audience expects entire experience to have been deliberate and planned, which means we should probably think about image. I think we've ruled our rhinestones and glitter (seriously, it was discussed and ruled out), but the jury is still out on fezzes and pince-nez spectacles.

I've also got a new episode of Science Fiction Double Feature up, in case anyone (who hasn't already heard it) is interested. This time we look at two space-operas from the mid-1980s: Enemy Mine, in which time and necessity prove that the only thing separating Dennis Quaid and Louis Gosset Jr. is a layer of makeup, and The Ice Pirates, in which Bruce Vilanch is revealed (unsurprisingly) to be a cyborg. Download the MP3 or stream it from, or add the RSS feed to your livejournal Friends page by clicking here.

Oh, I gave up on the RPM Challenge, incidentally. It's funny: February was an unbelievably productive month in terms of writing music, but the more I worked on stuff for the RPM Challenge, the more I wanted to work on the other long-term projects I have. Ultimately, I ended up finishing like, an hour of new music, but only 17 minutes or so was composed for RPM, which means that I failed. I suppose I could have submitted the other stuff, but I'd really rather finish the projects than give them away in unfinished form, even if that means missing out on the exposure that might have been afforded me by the RPM Challenge. The good news is that one of the projects is coming along so well that I'll be unveiling it at No Brand Con. Some of you already know what I'm talking about. The rest of you, sadly, will probably remain in the dark. 'cept Becki. Keep quiet, Becki.

Anyway, I suppose I'd better get back to work. They just pushed another upgrade through the network, which means that I have to reboot my PC. The upgrade -- whatever it is -- is probably a pretty serious problem for me. My PC has 256 MB of RAM, which is not enough, and it takes literally up to ten minutes for my e-mail to open after I click on it in the morning. I am constantly having to apologize for the speed of my PC when I'm on the phone, but (thankfully) I only ever have to talk to internal clients. I'm due for an upgrade sometime soon here, and I'm SO ready for it.
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