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I'm sick again.

Actually, I think this is the same illness I was fighting off at the beginning of last week. It tried several times to manifest itself, and it finally happened on Wednesday night. I stayed home from work today, which really is something my department couldn't afford, but in this state I'm good for drooling and watching reality TV shows and not much else.

So I spent almost the entire day in bed, and most of that was spent sleeping or trying to sleep. I got up around 10:00 to check my e-mail, and again later to do some laundry, but I didn't really get up until about 7:30. Until that point, I'd spent cumulatively less than an hour out of bed all day. I have a headache, and I have a sore throat which is very swollen. I feel disoriented when I stand up.

This afternoon I thought it would be a good idea to watch a bunch of horror movies in succession, so I made it through Slither (which (surprisingly) is only getting better on subsequent viewings), but I slept through most of Necronomicon and the first third of Dagon, after which it was time to get up.

Yep, told you I'm sick.
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