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B-Fest was absolutely fantastic, and I've never had such so much fun sitting down with aching back and knees. Full recap will come later, possibly today (though possibly not).

In other news, in case you've not figured it out (or in case you're one of the 50% or so of my Friends who've never met me in person), crabmoon and I have pooled our collective fondness for each other into a depressingly cute relationship. This has been going on for a few weeks now, but not half as long as everybody seems to think. That night when Lindsay and I excused ourselves to go home and make brownies? We made brownies. That night that Lindsay and I disappeared, and I later sent cryptic text messages to people about how we were eating waffles? We were eating waffles (albeit in a very cryptic manner).

Anyway, the time seems right to make the announcement. For the first time in ages, I feel pretty good about things in general. It's unusual, but not entirely unfamiliar.
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