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...and introducing Colin as Catherine Zeta-Jones as Charlie Nicholson.

Honestly, how does this happen? And why?

The text message at right was sent to me last night by somebody with whom I haven't spoken in fifteen months. The message itself is especially disconcerting because at the time, this person was easing herself into becoming extremely socially conservative. She'd long since given up fantasizing about celebrities, and was doing remarkably well at convincing herself that Johnny Depp isn't even cute. She was working on weaning herself off offensive television like The Simpsons, and was trying to rationalize her love of Star Trek with the offense she was taking at all the sex and violence and the way Marina Sirtis' costumes were designed to accentuate her breasts.

At the time, "what are you wearing" -- no matter how she spelled it -- would have been a completely nonsexual question about formalwear.

But suddenly, this person, along with some exes, coworkers, and other women who've shot me down at one time or another in the past has decided to try worm her way back into my life. It's never just one person -- it always happens with several people at once. They always come out of the woodwork in a group, as soon as I've reached a point where I'm completely disinterested in them. Where are all of these people when I'm lonely and unhappy and actively looking for somebody?

And why are they suddenly asking me wot i'm wearin?

I've no idea. I'm feeling pretty good about things right now, so if I'd had any recent contact with this person, I might have seemed confident and happy, and that might have been attractive to her, but as I said, it's been more than a year. It's confusing and annoying, and I suck at handling this stuff in a mature fashion, so I'm just going to ignore it and hope that it goes away.

For what it's worth, though, when that message was sent, I was wearing carpenter-style jeans, white tube socks, blue plaid boxers with hints of red and green, an IBM-beige plaid shirt, a plain, black belt, and my glasses.
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